Amway Founders Council Celebration 2021

Client: Amway

Agency: Wilson Dow

The Founders Council (FC) program is an annual celebratory event where the top global Amway Business Owners (ABOs) are invited to participate in an exclusive, pinnacle event to recognize them for their business and accomplishments. It was critical to highlight the achievements of the past while celebrating the promise of the future. Though the FC members are no stranger to exclusive events, this event aimed to be ‘unique’ and ‘unlike anything they have engaged with before’ to the 28 countries and 279 cities represented. Luckily, Wilson Dow has never met a challenge we didn’t like… or overcome! With our partners, we created a large scale, custom virtual environment designed by world famous Pico Valasquez. With these environments, we were able to interconnect virtual and physical realities in ways not previously thought of. The production was powerful and poignant: We successfully streamed the event to attendees with interpretation and closed captions in 13 languages, a feat most secure, password protected platforms simply cannot fulfill. A panel and moderator seamlessly streamed an open forum from six different global locations. It was choreographed so that the moderator could appear to be looking at the panelist when each one responded. We were able to produce perfect connectivity via remote units sent to each global studio for simultaneous interaction with the main studio site including live interpretation in five languages. A fully integrated ecosystem provided ease of use built upon a proven, solid, executional foundation along with a hub interface that enhanced the attendee experience. The results spoke for themselves; 100% of invited guests attended (a 60% increase from 2020) with an increase of 80% in attendee engagement (calculated through content engagement duration). It was lauded by attendees as “inspiring”, “successful”, “compelling”, and “even more motivational and engaging [than] 2020”!