Arm 30 House Party

Client: Arm

Agency: Live Union

This is the story of a business bringing its 7,000 global employees together for the first time. It’s the story of pioneering a virtual solution to celebrate a milestone with an incredible party. Arm started life in 1990 in a barn outside Cambridge. Today Arm is the UK’s most successful technology company with offices around the world. Arm designed chips are in 95% of the world’s mobile phones. In 2020 a year of activity was planned to celebrate Arm’s thirtieth birthday. The climax of which was to be a party in December. Originally planned as a physical event locally in each office, due to the pandemic it was decided to celebrate together virtually. Against this backdrop, the challenge was to create an amazing virtual party that went the extra-mile to engage. With just 8 weeks to go, Live Union were appointed to provide a full-service virtual solution including: creative, content and production. The creative idea was the Arm 30 House Party, a universally understood concept, with a nice link to home working, ideal for a non-corporate culture and providing lots of creative opportunities for a fantastic party! Live Union’s Beehive virtual platform hosted the House Party, and like all good parties there was no curfew - it ran round the clock for three days engaging employees around the world. As people moved through the house, they discovered a huge range of content. For example, in the bedroom there were live performances by bands and DJs, and the attic hosted celebrity cameos and games. Each region had tailored content and people were able to engage with performers and entertainers live. It’s hard to imagine a more exacting audience for a virtual experience than Arm engineers, but the evaluation proved the Arm 30 House Party to be resounding success.