Being Extraordinary


Client: ServiceNow

ServiceNow has seen 30% YoY growth throughout 2020 and 2021 and the Global Talent Acquisition team have been instrumental in recruiting and filling the roles needed to fuel this growth.

Working with OrangeDoor, the ServiceNow leadership commissioned a celebration and gratitude event which not only channelled appreciation from the leadership but also told the life-changing stories of those candidates who were placed across the world. Spanning APAC and EMEA, two events were tailored to reflect the regions, timezones and slightly different audiences, and included motivational presentations, interactive shared experiences, pre-recorded stories of real life candidates, thank-you presentations from the Leadership and celebrated the work the teams had done collectively, while also calling out contributors individually. The results were fantastic and reflected the value from deep research with the audiences, world-class creative thinking and engagement tactics learned throughout the pandemic. ServiceNow and OrangeDoor continue to grow together with more and more events in the pipeline. The feedback was outstanding. A number of the EMEA team participated from their Staines office, and at dinner afterwards our client said they, “ had never seen their team so energised”. Their feedback on The Mosaic activity was just as wonderful – “The wow moment of when it was put together was just really special! People have never done anything like this before. Makes it so much more impactful.” And with over 175 comments of appreciation on the Miro Board during the two sessions, it’s clear that engagement was extraordinary from start to finish! This event has given us the ultimate template for delivering a celebration event, and we have already received two requests for similar events from other ServiceNow teams