BGC Charity Day 2020

Client: BGC Partners

Agency: Brandfuel

For 14 years, Brandfuel had been helping BGC Partners host their annual Charity Day, held on 9/11 to commemorate the 658 BGC staff and 61 Eurobrokers staff lost in the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Every year, the day was noisy, energetic and very successful, with 100 celebrities helping to seal huge deals with BGC’s clients and raising millions of dollars for their chosen charities. However, due to Covid-19, 2020 was going to have to be very different. BGC Partners were adamant on two points, though: they were not going to let a pandemic derail their fundraising efforts, despite clearly underperforming international markets, and they were not going to put their celebrity fundraisers at risk by asking them to attend their charity day in person. Brandfuel had just 13 days to plan and create a virtual trading floor full of buzz and expectation that could connect with and entertain celebrities, clients, charities, and brokers around the world and match the $10 million raised by the BGC Charity Day in 2019. And as well as all the constraints of a pandemic to contend with, Brandfuel had to plan all its physical staging from scratch as BGC had moved their London offices since the previous event. BGC were also keen not to lose any of the powerful fundraising interaction achieved by personal phone calls between celebrities and their clients on previous charity days. BGC Partners need not have worried. Their 2020 Charity Day exceeded all expectations, achieving a greater rapport between celebrities and BGC’s clients and raising another $10 million for charity. Brandfuel’s livestream microsite received 1,320 viewings from 20 countries, with up to 109 viewers at one time and 464 return viewers. The time spent on the microsite exceeded 752 hours. BGC Partners were thrilled with the results.