Consulting Analyst Induction Programme 2021

Client: Deloitte

Agency: Audience

The Deloitte Consulting Analyst Induction Programme 2021 was a springboard for Analysts into the world of Deloitte and professional services, a virtual exploration of their new role, and an opportunity to learn the skills they need to be successful. The programme is an opportunity for Analysts to network with their peers and to meet some highly influential colleagues. The challenge was to deliver a highly motivating immersive induction online that prepared Analysts for both the world of consulting and for Deloitte culture. The team delivered this by adopting a Learner Experience based approach to programme design; for example by replacing traditional lecturing and PPT presentations with shorter, more powerful presentations and content formats. Included in the programme were short presentations from senior leaders, panel discussions with existing Analysts, simulated exercises involving actors, celebrity hosts and speakers including David Meade, Nadiya Hussain and Ashley Banjo and inspiring educational content. The programme ran for a period of 5 days on a bespoke designed event platform which had all of the features required to enable interactivity and networking. Analysts were sent an Induction Care Packages which included boxes to be opened daily to help drive excitement and engagement. The event was a huge success, setting out to achieve five key objectives and unilaterally delivering against every one of them. The programme was inclusive, exciting, experiential, visually striking and most of all has successfully launched the new Analysts into the Deloitte business.