Credits Trends 2022


Client: Moody's Investor services

The Credit Trends series has been run by Moody’s for many years throughout January and February. Initially, in the mid-2010’s the series ran regionally – Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas although the title was the same the content varied region to region. Adapting as the pandemic took hold in 2021 we looked at smaller, location focussed online seminars.

Discussing the impact of 2021 at the early stages of 2022 planning (Aug 2021) we opted to combine our pre pandemic experience with the learnings from 2021. As such we conceived a structure where we would have three, overarching videos discussing macro, global topics – Net Zero Strategy, New Tech and Debt Sustainability. Through panel discussions we would hold in-person micro seminars, to audiences of 60 - 80 in 11 global locations. These micro seminar panels would consist of local experts in each location discussing how this would affect each region. The premise worked well as working to a net zero strategy in the Nordics is very different to Southeast Asia. As the Omicron variant swept across Europe and Asia entered a 5th Covid wave in early January, we took the bold decision to reimagine the whole project into an exclusively broadcast event. Releasing some venues and repurposing others we created a concept where we aimed to have each panel placed in a studio location looking out across each city. For example in London we were at the top of The Gherkin, in Sydney you could see the Opera House. Within three weeks we re-branded, location sourced, booked and supplied camera and streaming teams for all locations – broadcasting everything through a control centre in London. The reimagination increased audience figures, traffic and ultimately Moody’s ROI. As discussed in one video we also worked with Moody’s to ensure the event finished carbon neutral.