CTL Communications

CTL Communications is a unique story of building an award winning communications agency with clients and team the world over from the humblest of beginnings. Since our launch in 2009, CTL has grown from a one-person operation to a team of over 60 in five countries, supported by over 100 freelancers. We are a boutique agency with a global footprint, a business that has been reinvented completely – and grown significantly in the last year.

We carved out a point of difference for our clients in blending deep content expertize with fresh thinking communications strategy and imaginative execution. Our work creates and sustains energy on the engagements that matter across all touchpoints and media. From live events and trade shows to digital storytelling, brand identity and campaigning, to corporate strategy and helping clients recruit and train their people. Our success is founded on a combination of small-agency agility with big-agency creativity and standards, all in the service of clients who choose to build long and close relationships with us. In the past 12 months, CTL has acquired five new international clients, over 100 major projects, seen business growth of 65%, and outperformed post-Covid predictions fivefold. In addition to several industry awards, we set a Guinness World Record, and – through our work on global public health campaigns – had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Plans for the future include a concerted drive for brand recognition aimed at driving CTL forward into new sectors and markets. The coming months will also see a continued recruitment programme, with a projected complement of 80+ people worldwide, bringing us the capacity to grow our business still further while giving our clients – both current and future – the same commitment and creativity that has brought us to where we are.