CWT Meetings & Events

To CWT Meetings & Events, being a global agency has never been just about a significant international presence. It’s about how they leverage expertise worldwide to deliver exceptional event experiences, enterprise-lead programs, and ultimately drive real value to clients and attendees anywhere. They entered 2020 with a new global operating model and incredible ambitions. And, like everyone in the industry, were faced with their biggest challenge yet. Although the events world changed, their priority remained the same: empowering their teams to deliver value to clients. In a year of disruptions, their teams came together like never before. Supplier and Operations teams partnered to mitigate the impact of mass cancelations and protect client’s investments, saving millions in pre-paid fees. As borders closed, they built emergency group travel programs overnight to help customers get their people home. SMM and consulting experts switched focus to help companies maneuver through the pandemic, creating benchmarks, key strategies, and tools to rebuild processes. As the world went digital, CWT continuously pushed its abilities and virtual platforms’ capabilities to help clients succeed. From Brazil to Singapore and almost everywhere in between, they helped excite and engage thousands of attendees through unique virtual experiences. Always looking to innovate, they launched CWT easy meetings: a free-to-use platform giving anyone access to 250,000+ meeting rooms globally. CWT was also the first event agency to receive the extended “ISO 20121: Sustainable Event and Pandemic Risk Management” certification. More than a year in the pandemic, CWT has maintained all its 70 locations worldwide while keeping employees highly engaged and inspired. As they continue to guide clients towards a safe post-pandemic return, they know the future will be both digital and live, with new priorities to meet. CWT is ready to provide more creative, sustainable, and exciting ways to excite, engage, and exceed!