etc.venues 360 Madison

How do you impress the hard to impress?

Introducing 360 Madison. The Big Apple is home to the world’s most reputable meeting and event venues. So, how can a new entrant make a strong impression? How can a new venue ‘wow’ New York’s elite meeting planner community; an experienced group of people accustomed to world-class spaces and the very highest standards? By offering more? Nope. By offering less. No spa treatments. No golf resorts. No leisure facilities. Instead, the British team behind 360 Madison offers distraction-free meeting and conference space dedicated for business. It’s this single-minded approach that has, for over 30 years, delivered exceptional results for clients of etc.venues in the UK… and is now establishing 360 Madison’s reputation as one of the world’s best meeting venues in New York. Everything about etc.venues at 360 Madison has been created to optimize each delegates’ experience. Food is freshly prepared and carbs are carefully balanced to avoid lunchtime lulls. Spaces are filled with natural light to stimulate and energise. Interiors are designed to inspire conversation and facilitate easy networking. Tech is built-in to seamlessly power in-person, virtual or hybrid meetings of 2 to 2,000 guests effortlessly. All of this is why a series of high-profile NYC industry events chose the venue for their return-to-live launches. In October 2020, Nectr in association with NYC & Co, picked 360 Madison for the very first in-person event in the city. PCMA, ILEA, MPI and NYC Hospitality Alliance followed in 2021 before NYC & Co returned in Feb 2022. All the leading figures in the New York event industry praised the venue including Fred Dixon, CEO of NYC & Co, who said: “It’s a gorgeous new meetings facility ready to make your virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings a success.”