etc.venues Sales Team


A sales team that focussed on thriving, not just surviving.

In 2021, the sales team at etc.venues developed a strategy to put the business back on track. In fact, it was far more than just a business strategy, it was a mindset. While others focussed on surviving, the sales team at etc.venues adopted a more confident outlook. The team recognised that the landscape was rapidly evolving and presenting new opportunities that could help the business not just survive, but really thrive. The team realised that to thrive meant ensuring: -Relationships were strengthened through continuous support and feedback from clients which helped shape safety protocols, terms and even event formats. -Key clients were retained including the Nightingale Court contract from HMCTS which was extended beyond the social distancing period of the initial brief and became a valuable contract for two venues in Birmingham and London. -New business was sourced following an effective ‘Back to Excellence’ 6-month marketing campaign which saw the team complete 35 FAM trips and over 500 site visits with an average prospecting rate of 180 proactive calls per person per week. -An advisory role was also adopted for customers considering hybrid meetings and video conferencing. By listening to clients’ needs, they guided them to a selection of simple solutions. It’s a testament to the commitment of the Sales team that etc.venues remained at the forefront of our clients’ minds as they returned to face-to-face meetings. In fact, within 3 days of the PM’s announcement on the Plan B restrictions being removed the team converted £2m in bookings for 2022 and this momentum has continued with the team breaking revenue records every month.