Extreme Connect User Conference 2020

Client: Extreme Networks

Agency: Wilson Dow

Extreme Networks, a cloud-driven networking company, introduced its largest event and first-ever virtual experience called Extreme Connect. Extreme tapped Wilson Dow reimagine the two-day annual event for 10,000+ global users and partners. The purpose was to unveil new products and solutions designed to help enterprises adapt to the challenges of today

Our strategy was rooted in personalized engagement, participation, and continuous value. We balanced audience-specific content with a sense of discovery and exploration at every turn, resulting in a more humanized attendee journey. This turned people into participants and the audience into a community. We designed and developed a well-rounded experience with five dedicated concurrent channels and 125+ hours of content. There were 40 interactive breakouts, 10 live demo sessions, 90 presenters and something fun for every office, every living room, and every home. Functional business needs were met with a personalized and approachable agenda with built-in entertainment and on-demand access. Attendees felt engaged like never before. From executive-led masterclasses, to esports, to storytime for children, the 360 framework was built for people over platform

In the end, Extreme stayed true to their vision: pushing boundaries and putting people first through an innovative engagement model. They saw a 500% increase in attendance YOY and garnered 47,000+ social impressions. This community connected in a purposeful and organic way, providing the attendees continuous value, setting a new standard for what a tech user conference can and should be.