Client: IOHK - Cardano Summit 2021

A 48-hour hybrid event. 142,000 online attendees from 180 countries. 13,500 in-person attendees at watch parties in New York, Miami, Wyoming, Berlin, Cape Town, and London, plus 40+ community hubs. 73 hours of content with 208 speakers in 137 sessions. End-to-end delivery in just 7 weeks.

Billed as the biggest ever blockchain event, Cardano Summit 2021 excited fans and brought together a 155,500-strong global developer community driving the technology’s transformative potential underpinning cryptocurrency. This ambitious Summit was the first hybrid event for IOHK, leaders in blockchain technology, enabling: •A 14-fold increase in reach whilst reducing carbon emissions by a factor of 20. (10,000 virtual attendees in 2020 and 1000 in-person in 2019). •Highest in-person attendance and highest virtually attended vs competitors. •High engagement is evidenced in 116,662 collectibles awarded to delegates for interacting. •72 media attended (up 20% vs 2020), 1,718 articles. •13 million Twitter reach (up 548% vs 2020). •Highest recorded positive sentiment (88.7%), was more positive than similar events. •A massive boost to the Discord developer community platform, with 3,700 (67% increase) new members. One fan described, “The fact they created this world for the community speaks to how much we are valued as contributors to the ecosystem.” Kerry De Jong, Head of Events at Input Output (IOHK) said, “This event exceeded expectations. The amazing feedback from our community…people showing interest in IOHK, Cardano, and our projects skyrocketed. We’re proud of it!” “I don’t know anyone who has done an event at this scale, especially during Covid. Not only is managing an event of this scale and complexity a massive challenge but turning it around in 7 weeks is unheard of. Done with a smile and can-do attitude throughout.” Watch overview video here: **Not for publication without tweaks**