Formula E London E-Prix

ExCeL London

Client: ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

On 24th July 2021, at precisely 16:03, 24 of the world’s most advanced all-electric race cars sparked into life on a temporary start-finish straight constructed in the south halls of ExCeL London. In doing so, they made history by breathing life into the world’s first indoor/outdoor motor racing circuit.

This, by itself, was a huge achievement and testament to the skills and creativity of the events industry. Yet to achieve this following a two-year global pandemic – undoubtedly the most challenging times to ever hit the sector – is even more impressive. Whilst last year’s reopening of ExCeL included several debutants and major events at the venue – not to mention playing a crucial role for the NHS as both a hospital and a mass vaccination centre – one of the most complex and rewarding was delivery of London’s inaugural Formula E race. Aside from gracing the history books and being watched live by 35 million people, this ground-breaking event was the combination of years of planning, hard work and teamwork, in order to achieve what Formula E’s Event Director described as “the smoothest and most spectacular ever,” …and done so whilst operating inside a strict covid bubble. Furthermore, it has laid down the foundations, or blueprint, for other venues to replicate should they too wish to diversify and host a new, innovative, world-class sporting attraction.