Gorilla Company

Client: Nissan Motor Thailand

On 9th November 2020 Nissan unveiled the new Nissan Navara with the concept “Driven by the BRAVE” in the heart of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Our brief was to re-position Navara’s image as she hadn’t undergone any modifications in the past 6 years. We were effectively launching a new vehicle. Competition in the Thai pick-up market is intense, so we had to generate as much impact as possible over a few short days in the middle of a pandemic. Key was to convey to the public that the new Navara is the most advanced pick-up available and boasts tough and rugged looks coupled with robust performance that is equally at home for trips to the neigbourhood shopping malls. We planned the event over 10 months to elicit as much wow factor as we could with imagery and pyrotechnics that the Thai media relish – and within budget. Besides impressing the general and automotive media, we spent equal effort with dealers and the customers by enabling daytime test-drives over our own-designed and built test-track. For the 8 days of the ‘Nissan Next Experience’ invited dealers, business partners, media and influencers and of course, prospective clients attended the event with an emphasis on the ‘new normal’ safety measures. Nissan was exceedingly happy with the results and as the GM testified, it was excellent value for money. This success is the reason we have been their event organiser for the past 10 years.