ICC Belfast

ICC Belfast, Northern Ireland’s only purpose-built international convention centre, boasts over 7,000sqm event space and 20 years’ experience in delivering national and international events for Association and Corporate clients including The Royal College of Nurses and AstraZeneca. Specifically in response to COVID-19, a program for business preparedness has been implemented that resulted in ICC Belfast remaining resilient in the face of adversity. The swift action taken by the team has led to employee engagement levels increasing by 16%, expansion of the venues’ technical infrastructure to become hybrid by-design and the retention of 95% of conferences. Guided by the board and senior management, the team has been empowered to take bold decisions and innovation has been championed at every stage to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation. The need to meet, network, collaborate and create didn’t go away during the pandemic, it went hybrid and so did ICC Belfast. A solutions-focused approach led to the delivery of incredible events that reached global audiences. One Young World celebrated Belfast as the 2023 Host City with a live broadcast from the Hybrid Studio and STATSports’ delivered maximum impact from the launch of their Sonra 3.0 product suite by harnessing emotional connections and sensory motivators through technical production. As the team prepare to reopen safely, the passion for continuous improvement prevails. A bespoke, in-house ticketing system that launches this summer will level ICC Belfast’s playing field with many Tier 1 destinations. This platform, combined with the venue’s enhanced technological offering, will allow organisers to bring their global communities together seamlessly through hybrid events that may previously have seemed unattainable. Now, the possibilities are endless, and the future looks bright for a city that stands on the precipice of brilliance as the team at ICC Belfast demonstrate their commitment to building back better.