Infoblox Exchange 2021

Client: Infoblox

Agency: Freshly Squeezed Events

Freshly Squeezed Events was selected by Infoblox to pivot its annual, in-person Exchange event, targeted at prospects, customers, and partners, comprising 20 individual events over a 6-week period across EMEA, into a single virtual event for the whole region. And, we had 8 weeks to do it. Record breaking results: Highest registration count of any program at Infoblox, $5M pipeline, 1,780 registrants (target 1,000), 2,550 views of welcome video, 1,239 views of keynotes, 6,211 asset downloads, 2,203 booth visits, 2,500 booth chats. FSE provided end-to-end management. Using the vFairs platform, we built a slick, professional, customised, 3D environment that provided a brilliant engaging and interactive experience for delegates. 3D lobby with welcome video pop-up from VP of Infoblox to engage on arrival. A main plenary, 12 simultaneously running multi-language local breakout sessions. 40 speakers. 8 languages. Expo with 8 country booths with live video private and group chat for demos & meetings. Documents and video content could be downloaded into virtual swag bags. Guest, Eric O’Neill, former FBI and Counter-Terrorism Operative to create pull. Maximised engagement with live analytics & push notifications to drive behaviour. Used Scavenger Hunt and interaction points to increase interaction with live leader board & prizes. Event data enabled sales teams to personalise follow-ups. Business didn’t stop there. The event went on-demand for 30 days so delegates could return.