MOI Global

MOI. We create change, opportunities and head-turning outcomes.

No matter how, or how fast the world has changed, MOI’s promise to our clients has remained steadfast: to turn the heads that count in B2B. Our own change continues to be transformational, and the catalyst from 2020- a 3 year plan called MOI 2.0- complete remodeling of our services, skills and ways of working to create a B2B offering that unifies the customer experience. In the last 2 years, our commitment to this principle has seen us grow from 80 to 168 employees globally. Over the past year, we’ve attained 38% revenue growth, opened a media arm that’s grown from 1 to 25 digital experts and reinvented our agency offering to cover the entire customer journey. But we know our game change starts with people. So, in the last 12 months, we’ve focused relentlessly on creating a positive culture which gives employees the confidence and freedom to question, challenge and think differently. Putting the MOI family first is the reason why we’ve been able to win and grow. Winning this award would be due recognition of our customer-centric, insight-informed, people-first strategy for creating change. In this submission, we outline how we’ve created a future thinking global agency that starts with its people.