Moving Forward Together

Meet & Potato

Client: Dunelm

Covid changed Dunelm, the business thrived during the pandemic, as it adapted quickly to change. Communications with colleagues also changed during this time. Historically, it was very much top-down and instructional but with colleagues working from home it became more open, giving them a voice in a new, two-way conversational style.

We were briefed by the client to embrace this new approach for the entire event, with both the stage presentations and supporting content, as well as the evening celebrations. It was crucial to acknowledge and be empathetic to the different colleague experiences of Covid but equally important to celebrate their part in the business’ success. Live presenters delivered the event Context in short stage presentations around strategy, finance, and technology. Creative and emotive video productions supported the remaining two content sections, Confidence and Culture. The VTs featured relaxed and candid interviews with different colleagues from across the business and were cut together as one story, told by many. They showed a new softer side to brand communications, deepening connections and instilling a sense of pride. Fun interactive workshops followed each video, bringing colleagues together as equals and networking without it feeling forced or unnatural. The evening celebrations continued in the same vein. Colleagues could design their own night, choosing what to eat and how to entertain themselves. There was something for everyone, with long shared tables and bench seating to ensure people always came together and remained connected throughout the evening.