OrangeDoor had a truly transformative year in 2021. In a year where agencies were battling the deficits created by the pandemic and keeping heads above water, OrangeDoor still managed to build for their future and their clients.

We completely reorganised our operating system around the Triple Bottom Line principle where we now measure success KPIs against People and Planet, as well as Profit. This means that we are now able to connect our actions to our values as a business imperative and our business strategy includes affecting positive change as well as winning business. Amongst many newly adopted systems, probably the most impactful has been integrating the B-Corp framework to enable this change. Here are just some of their accomplishments: •Invested in a new leadership team and structure, futureproofing for clients and growth •Rearticulated the company Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs •Rebranded the agency with a new vision built on an incredible heritage •Completely revitalised and built an internal care and culture infrastructure to enable their people to be the best they can possibly be •Reorganised the business around the B-Corp framework to balance People, Profit and The Planet and submitted the B-Corp application •Integrated the isla sustainability methodologies into event planning •Built a filming and production studio in-house to better serve client needs •84% FTE growth since lowest point the previous year •Supported and hired from the Government’s KICKSTART scheme •Increased virtual and hybrid events by 375% from the previous year •Grew the number of net new clients by 360% •Reemployed 43% of those made redundant in the pandemic •100% age diversity with an even share between 18-59 year-olds 'Success' at OrangeDoor is now not just about winning business; it is now about helping our environment and people win big as well.