Perseverance Powers Performance- SMKO 2021

MOI Global

Client: Ciena

Ciena SMKO is the event in the Ciena Sales and Marketing calendar. Historically, it’s where some 2000 sales and marketing personnel from across the globe come together to hear the previous year’s results, celebrate successes, learn and find motivation from inspirational speakers and success stories, and be empowered with ideas and information to reach new levels of performance in the year ahead. Traditionally, it’s a combination of serious learning and hard-won recreation and reward. It’s much anticipated and hugely enjoyed by audience, participants and organizers alike.​

​ However, for obvious reasons, and much to the disappointment of all involved, the traditional, in-person event simply couldn’t happen in 2020.​ ​ However, with MOI's robust and long-standing partnership with Ciena and our Head Turning methodology that puts people first, we were able to transform perseverance.​ MOI took this as a springboard and creative theme to make SMKO 2021 an event to celebrate the dedication, commitment and resilience that drives individuals and teams to become the best of the best and deliver outstanding performance. Read on to experience the power of perseverance of Ciena's sales and marketing team, as well as our MOI family.​