Playtech Brand Amplification

Client: Playtech

Agency: 2Heads Global Design

As the world's largest online gaming software supplier, Playtech briefed us to create a campaign around ICE that moved away from the common corporate structure/format and created an attraction-based interactive experience.

Playtech wanted an innovative B2B experience that encouraged engagement and ensured its target audiences created their own paths of discovery though their bespoke content and gaming solutions.

The challenge was to create a complete reinvention of Playtech’s presence at ICE and create a CX journey that was original and ahead of the curve. The campaign also had to deliver on stringent sales and marketing terms with every facet of the event inviting guests into quantifiable engagements with the brand and staff.

2Heads developed a full B2B experiential campaign that included concept, experience design, event production, social content, content creation and event promotion strategy to:

•Align Playtech to their brand objective as industry leaders through immersive play

•Bring the Playtech vision to life with colour and content at the heart of the experience

•Create a CX journey that delved behind the technology to the human interface.

•Deliver the right messaging

Key Elements included:

•The ‘Content Channels’

•The ‘Casino Canyon’

•The ‘Product Amplification’

•The ‘Networking Hub’

2Heads successfully showcased the Playtech brand through investor tours, introductions of c.20,000 visitors to the latest Playtech innovations, immersive interactions, a social media campaign with over 30,000 impressions and oversubscribed activations. Immersive content conveyed clear key messaging to all guests and Playtech recognised ICE 2020 as their most successful ‘on-brand’ event to date.