Quilter Events Team


Copious amounts of corporate change, cost cutting and optimisation, redundancies, and a global pandemic forcing us to entirely rethink our event offering…in the words of Ross from Friends…”we’re fine!!”

It’s fair to say this year has been testing for us all, especially in the events industry, but we’re standing here very proud of getting through this together and what we’ve achieved along the way.

When the world entered lockdown in March 2020, we’d just run our flagship event for that year, and then the world went into lockdown. We (naively) thought it’d be a boring 2 weeks locked in our homes, and then back on track with our merry little lives, oh how wrong we were!
Fast forward 17 months and we’ve completely self-taught ourselves the art of running virtual events. We’ve successfully run over 450 virtual events to an audience of nearly 40,000, using not much more than our laptops, an virtual platform license, and a hell of a lot of perseverance.
For every challenge, we’ve tried to find opportunity, which on some days was tougher than others. We’ve discovered new audiences wanting to engage with us digitally, we’ve retained the audiences we used to be able to meet face to face, we’ve created a campaign with a sole purpose of supporting our advisers and clients through this storm, and we’ve done it all with a smile on our face.

We hope that you enjoy reading our submission as much as we enjoyed reflecting on the past year, realising how far we’ve come, and the way 2020 shaped us.