Rethink Festival

Client: BDO

Agency: Fusion

BDO’s RETHINK FESTIVAL A ground-breaking virtual event, full of firsts! The challenge was to design and deliver a ‘Blow-their-socks-off’ virtual event, where delegates would be amazed by the visual presentation and digital engagement. The event was preceded by a first…a digital, interactive crowdsourcing survey, to capture delegates’ views on their aims and objectives for their first virtual bi-annual event. The event itself was a powerful mixture of virtual, augmented reality, graphics, animations, delivered by an 80+ multi-agency team, working in synch from around the globe. We embraced all that Extended Reality has to offer, inhabiting and engaging delegates through a virtual world; creating an virtual infrastructure of festival stages through digital assets, and incorporating teleportation, remote callers, in-studio hosts and augmented reality graphics. ‘Firsts’ in a corporate event - Interactive moves between various ‘stages’ (previously only done in musical performances) - Real-time, full-body, teleportation of presenters from outside the broadcast environment (previously only done by Eurosport) - Plus, a world-record breaking number of ‘teleports’ within a corporate event! The devil’s in the detail… - Real-time teleportation of 2 x presenters from home set-ups - 4 x broadcast-quality Green Screen studios with teleportation - A team of 80+ around the globe, connected by Unity Comms to enable simple ‘walkie-talkie’ communication - Remote filming in 18 countries, all directed and edited from HQ - 630 audio/visual/stage cues over 2 days (average is 100 per day!) - 310 exposed values in the 3D Block model – the most ever operated on Smart Stage!