The Fresh Group

Our aim at fresh has always been to 'deliver amazing event experiences'. As the Coronavirus pandemic hit and we accelerated our virtual events offering to support our clients, we never lost track of what was important and stayed true to our strategy to put amazing experiences at the heart, no matter the format. With strong client relationships, and an unwavering commitment from our teams, not only has fresh survived the pandemic, we have grown, diversified our offering to bring virtual and hybrid to the forefront with live events. We've achieved excellent financial results, 8 new industry awards, 3 of which were specifically for digital and hybrid events, and won many new clients in 2020/21, as well as expanding global projects through our existing relationships. With 18 new team members across the business, we have further increased our agency skill set and we are continually investing in our people including support around mental health awareness and careers development with new initiatives. We've also invested in our in-house technology, developing an innovative virtual event platform as well as our Master Control Room to deliver seamless and highly engaging virtual events. Building on our successes in 2020 and 2021 so far, we have everything in place to focus on delivering amazing event experiences across live, hybrid and virtual to support our new and existing clients.