Tractable Vision Summit


Client: Tractable

Tractable are building a presence in the UK and tasked OrangeDoor with creating an unforgettable immersive experience-based conference and product showcase for 35 of their key customers to feature their four AI products.

We were to also create a closed-door two day event for current Tractable customers to come together, learn more about Tractable’s products and share their thoughts, experiences and insights. The main hard KPI was to generate $7 million of sales pipeline, as well as to promote Tractable “brand love” through showcasing their new brand identity. Tractable wanted their event to position themselves as THE global player in the AI insurance game and also position Tractable (and Tractable CEO Alex Dalyac) alongside some of the global players in the tech sector, like Apple, Google. The most significant challenge was the growth in scope from an intimate 35-person high-touch VIP workshop experience into a 200+ VIP showbiz delivery which effectively included 6 events over a 48 hour time period. We also had to scale and improve the budget significantly, as well as accommodate accelerating creative and logistics requirements, such as inserting a car onto the top floor of a central London hotel, and organising an off-site AI demo in a television studio in Birmingham with 4 day’s notice. 


1. $19 Million of pipeline against a target of $7M 

2. 235 blown-away attendees 

3. A very happy CEO and Marketing Team client with 3 other events now in the pipeline 

4. A significant increase in marketing budget has been released for the marketing department to continue these successes 

5. The business requested and agreed to hire the contracted events lead as the full time ‘Global Events & Campaign Project Manager’ for Tractable EMEA 

6. Huge awareness and recognition of Tractable as a market and technology