Exclusive Collection

Despite the desolation of the events sector, Exclusive Collection took a proactive stance to 2020’s upheaval of the events market. Rather than retreat and weather the storm, Exclusive raised the stakes for its central MICE function encouraging the team to innovate and build even better relationships. The close-knit MICE team was quick to innovate the collection’s meetings offering and address the migration of events to digital formats with the creation of broadcast standard studios to enable corporates to communicate with their internal teams and stakeholders. The team also created business biospheres meaning organisations could maintain their own company bubble while on property. More than 100 events used the hi-tech facilities to bring senior leadership teams together while also streaming them to a wider audience. Exclusive also focussed on maintaining and developing its well-established client relationships to ensure that the company remained front of mind. A tactic that has paid dividends with demonstrable confirmations in Q4 (2021) as corporate confidence returns and live events take a greater presence in rebuilding company cultures. Utilising its respected client network, Flock, Exclusive’s team created a 12-week programme to encourage networking, share best practice and to help clients undertake a personal journey; to learn the traits and mindset of endurance athletes. Endurance was a fitting comparison to 2020’s commercial outlook as the pandemic stopped, started and stalled over a prolonged timeframe. The MICE teams results are commercially quantifiable from events hosted online plus the heightened presence and profile of Flock and the ‘Go the Distance’ endurance programme. Going forward, Exclusive maintains a strong presence among agencies and corporate bookers and has achieved significant recognition and praise for its care, consideration and community built throughout 2020.